Does your storage have what it takes to support AI? Digital event

19/3 2021
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Intelligent, self-learning algorithms are excellent tools for peeking into the future. But it is said that the best qualification of a prophet is a good memory – and that is undoubtedly true for AI and Machine Learning as well!

Many organizations use these technologies to forecast sales, production, and other vital processes. But they find themselves severely challenged when it comes to getting a handle on data.

In this webinar, you will learn about how to store data and make them much more readily available for advanced analysis-scenarios. You will also see how IBM’s integrated stack can help collect, organize, and analyze data of any type – regardless of source or format.

The systems make it simple for the IT-responsible to administrate, protect and search within extensive amounts of data. Furthermore, you will learn about tools that make it easier to create metadata, give it value, and develop new products and services, and much more.

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Welcome by moderator Michael Svendsen
Michael Svendsen
Computerworld Freelance Journalist

Michael Svendsen is a journalist and has been working within the technology field and with IT businesses for 20 years.

Architecting the future
Technology continues to shape our economy and our life. Exponential efficiency gains for compute, data and networking enable broad digital evolution and revolution. This happens not only in data centres but also at the edge. Data is fundamental to it - and Storage essential for mission critical systems and for innovative solutions. Company requires data and intelligence to create business value - with the right platform - a hybrid cloud and AI platform - they can build a differentiating architecture for their future.
Thomas Harrer
Distinguished Engineer CTO Server & Storage

As a Chief Technology Officer, Thomas and his team deliver innovation with hybrid cloud and AI, leveraging all types of data and evolving the technology to enable clients to address new digital business ideas. With a strong foundation in computer/data science and extensive experience in IT infrastructure and technology, Thomas enjoys bringing different elements together to build the architecture of the future. He loves to discuss technology, trends, AI, data, blockchains and architectures for mission critical hybrid cloud solutions.

Twitter: @Thomas_Harrer

Q&A for Thomas Harrer

Get control over, and value from your data
In this presentation we will attempt to inspire you, as an IT-responsible, to how you gain full control over, and value from, your data universe.

We will present IBM’s take on a data storage architecture that covers everything from edge to core, to tape, object and/or cloud, as well as the overlying tool, that can create an overview of all the data in the organisation, and secures optimal placement according to consumption patterns and cost.

Morten G. Petersen, who has worked with optimization of file data environments for the past 15 years, is the speaker in this session. During this whiteboard session he will, amongst other things, share his experience with:

  • The challenges an IT-department faces when both time and system resources must be sufficient.
  • Specific areas to be aware of when defining and choosing the right data strategy.
  • The lack of flexibility that a silo-based decentralized data platform typically entails.
  • How to consolidate all your workloads, areas to be considered in relation to new types of workloads, like Data Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and more.
  • Where does the data growth come from – file and object data vs. traditional data.
  • How to consolidate data foundation into cloud solutions in the most efficient and economical way.
  • The real value and accessibility of data for the applications.
Morten G. Petersen
Client Technical Specialist, Data & AI, Nordic
Philip Vesterskov
Data & AI, Sales Nordic

Q&A for Morten & Philip

Enterprise-wide collaboration on AI Projects
Companies are increasing their AI budgets, and most are now seeing their initial investments starting to pay off. However, the practical implementation of AI continues to be a hurdle that burdens most organizations. Additionally, many companies have yet to prepare for the organizational changes required to establish the foundation and structures to ensure a successful enterprise-wide AI implementation. 2021.AI serves this growing need for full management and oversight of applied AI, by making it easier to implement and scale AI projects alongside the necessary Governance, Risk & Compliance for data and AI to comply with the growing number of data and AI laws, regulations, and guidelines.
Rasmus Hauch
Chief Technology Officer

Expert in AI, ML, IT and Data. With a team of more than 20 data scientists behind him, Rasmus manages the development of the market-leading AI platform "Grace".
Rasmus participates in EU work programs & works with numerous certificates and legal aspects of AI.

Q&A for Rasmus

Wrap up by moderator Michael Svendsen
Michael Svendsen
Computerworld Freelance Journalist

Michael Svendsen is a journalist and has been working within the technology field and with IT businesses for 20 years.

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