Payments & Data

25/11 2015
København S
2995 kr

At this conference, you will get up to date on the latest initiatives and trends and have a personal dialogue with vendors in payment and data.

You will get the opportunity to maintain and extend your professional network in a forum for dialogue and knowledge-sharing with other decision makers.
Program highlights:

    • ApplePay - whilst waiting for iPhone6 - UL Transaction Security
    • Data driven Business Development - Deloitte
    • Mobile payments and Data - Infrastructure or just payments? - eye-D

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Registration and breakfast

Opening and welcome
Deloitte & CAC ACADEMY

Leveraging the trust between banks and their clients
Online Banking ePayment (OBeP) supported by strong authentication solutions is one of the most efficient combinations to bring trust in the relationship between all stakeholders of the payment value chain (consumers, merchants, banks, PSPs, schemes). Worldline will explain why and your benefits of implementing such solutions.
Olivier Kuhn
Olivier Kuhn
Online Banking Services Business Division Director

Loyalty Clubs in Denmark - key findings from Copenhagen Business School study
Per Østergaard Jacobsen is lecturing in Performance Management & Marketing and Marketing Accounting at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Operations Management , CBS.

He and his team have completed a major survey on Loyalty Clubs in Denmark - more than 250,000 Loyalty Customers have contributed to this excellent study, and Per Østergaard Jacobsen will introduce you to some of the key findings.

The survey is to be launched officially on 2nd November 2015.
Per Østergaard Jacobsen
Per Østergaard Jacobsen
direktør og ekstern lektor og CBS

Per har arbejdet med og skrevet 12 bøger om Big data, CRM, digitalisering, kundedata, kunderelationer og loyalitetskoncepter. Han anses for at være en af de førende danske eksperter inden for feltet. Per deltager også i forskningsprojekter og har holdt mere en 25 internationale konferenceoplæg om strategisk brug af Big Data. Han var projektleder, idemand og medstifter af forskningsprojektet ”Fra Rio til Roskilde”, et af verdens største Smarter City Big Data live labs.
Per er netop aktuel med bogen - ”CRM 5.0 – De ustyrlige kunder i en digital tidsalder” - Er en håndbog i kundeorientering med fokus på Mindset, Strategi, Ledelse & Performance i fremtidens (bæredygtige) forretningsmodeller. Udgangspunkt er i kunderejsen og de tocuhpoints der i interaktionen mellem kunde og virksomhed.

Data driven Business Development

Despite an explosion of information, most companies only use a fraction of all the data that is available to them. Managing and exploiting digital data will provide the next frontier in business innovation, competition and productivity. Business models driven by the digital development which will change the products and services significant.

Rasmus Winther Mølbjerg
Rasmus Winther Mølbjerg


Dankort - your new Loyalty Card
Nets A/S just recently launched a new service for Retailers to use the Dankort as their Loyalty Card - with the opportunity of getting access to special offers and discounts. Get the insights on how this new service is introduced and implemented - based on a case study.
Henriette Dunkjær Andersen
Henriette Dunkjær Andersen
Product Manager - Domestic card schemes

A look at the payment horizon: Mobile and Cloud-based payments
Recent launches of new mobile payment technologies, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay have opened up a lot of possibilities for all actors involved in the payment ecosystem. This presentation will explore the recent developments and how a future-proof strategy can be ensured.
The short presentation will be structured as follows:
  • Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / Android Pay
  • Scandinavia and Mobile payments
  • Lessons learnt from Valyou
  • Competitive offerings today and in the future
Paul Koutinas
Paul Koutinas
Principal Advisor
UL Transaction Security

Tokenization - The new Foundation for Payments, Mobile Commerce and Authentication: What it is, what it will be, and why it matters
  • What is the new EMV tokenizations impact to the ecosystem?
  • What role can the Financial institutions, Carriers, and emerging commerce platforms play?
  • How can tokenization be applied to Mobile Commerce beyond payments ? Authentication, Access Control, and ID?
  • What new tokenization approaches are evolving, from whom, and why?
  • Key trends and developments  
Ove Skeie
Ove Skeie
Product Management, Merchants


Future development of e-commerce, and Merchant requirements for payment solutions
Introduced by Nordic leading PSP DIBS
Henriette Høyer
Henriette Høyer
Sales Manager
DIBS Payment Services

Mobile payments and Data - Infrastructure or just payments?

A key difference in the payment market is how the mobile payment applications are build and marketed; in one end we have Apple Pay / Android Pay who are simple payment application that mostly deal with payments via NFC technology and do not much else.

On the other end, there are applications such as WeChat, who is building complete eco-systems around their payment platform, allowing for APIs to be installed in the WeChat application, such as P2P money transfer, taxi ordering and much more. Based on platform envelopment theory, platforms have to bundle up with other services to stand stronger in the markets.

Mathias Skaarup Lyster
Mathias Skaarup Lyster
Business Innovator.DK

Do we get a rainbow after rain? EU regulatory storm and the payment industry
For many years Krzysztof has been advising leading financial and trade institutions, industry bodies and policymakers in securing sound and prudent operation of providers and markets in the EU and elsewhere. He constantly searches for a way to make compliance challenges much more self-explanatory than they are now.
Krzysztof Korus
Krzysztof Korus
expert in regulations and business models
Prudentiz, Poland


Nordic Payment Market 2020
A.T. Kearney just recently conducted a major study on payments cards and usage in the Nordic countries. Based on some of the key findings in this study - combined with other market insights we will have a discussion of the Nordic Payment Market 2020, and major trends over the coming 4 to 5 years.
Ola Engebretsen
Ola Engebretsen
A.T. Kearney

CATSJ - The breakthrough marketplace that combines advertisers and mobile users
CATSJ users earn points continuesly, recieves good offers and deals, unique advantages, entertainment, fine content and excellent competitions - and the contra-deal is to be exposed to advertising as an integrated part of the mobile univers. Learn more about this new application and service in Denmark - just to be launched!
Jakob Kargaard
Jakob Kargaard
Country Manager
CATSJ Danmark ApS

Conference summary and close
Computerworld & CAC ACADEMY
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25/11 2015
08:30 til 16:00
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