Payments & Data 2016

23/11 2016
København S
2995 kr

At this conference, you will get up to date on the latest initiatives and trends and have a personal dialogue with vendors in payment and data. 

The conference will focus on the following topics:

  • Data and knowledge about consumer behavior is the key to increasing sales and higher customer loyalty for many companies. We focus on some of the biggest players in the Danish market to gain a deeper insight into this important area.
  • Who owns data - and in what way are we allowed to use data? Offhand, you would think that consumers own their own data - but is this actually the case? We look into new data processing regulations.
  • New payment solutions are being introduced with great speed - both in terms of payment cards and in traditional banking. What is the reason behind this growth in payment solutions? We look at some of the new players in the market.
  • The EU has introduced new regulations in connection to card payments - where are we in Denmark on this, and to what extent has this had an impact on the way payment cards are used? We try to look into business models through presentations and panel debates.
Join the conference and get the opportunity to maintain and extend your professional network in a forum for dialogue and knowledge-sharing with other decision makers in the payment and data area.

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Deloitte & CAC Card Academy

AML on virtual currencies in banking
Apart from recognizing virtual currencies as an official means of payment, AML compliance is seen as one of the major challenges for the Banking industry. Chainalysis will introduce you to services that support your business on this challenge.
Simon Ousager
Simon Ousager
Account Executive
Chainalysis Inc

Simon holds a Bachelor of Science (BS), Molekylærbiologi from the University of Copenhagen - and over the last couple of years he has been one of the most important key speakers on the subject of Blockchain and virtual currencies. He started the company Paradigm Consult a couple of years ago together with a partner - with focus on these new technologies and payment services. Simon currently works for Chainalysis as an Account Executive - with prime focus on how to provide AML secure services on Bitcoin for banks globally.

Data and Business development
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  • Blockchain & payments - erfaringer fra Deloitte POC forløb med kunder i Europa
  • Kundedata og loyalitet - hvordan kan blockchain bruges til at skabe bedre og nye kunde relationer
  • Digital kundedrevet transformation
Rasmus Winther Mølbjerg
Rasmus Winther Mølbjerg


Big data regarding digital payment
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Yourpay has incredible technology, which automatically detects credit card fraud in relation to credit card payments. Yourpay has access to millions of data, because the company functions as an acquiring provider and a payment service provider, all at once. The unique technology automatically analyses the transactions based on these data and multiple others. Within few milliseconds it will expose attempts of credit card fraud regarding all kinds of digital payments.

Mathias Gajhede
Mathias Gajhede

Mathias Gajhede is the CEO and founder of Yourpay. He has a background as Lead Technical Supporter in Trustpilot where he developed the Automated Feedback Service programme today serving billions of transactions, followed by few years as developer in OS2 Public Digitalisation Network in Ballerup municipality. Mathias' background leads to an alternative market approach, with new and innovative ideas and initiatives.

Pocopay - solutions for Seamless Banking
How to build a bank in 12 months - this is Seamless Banking. Pocopay brings together the good old familiar and secure bank account and convenient and joyful user experience. Grap this opportunity to understand how this new service was established - and how it actually interacts with not only your personal banking - but banking services for the whole family.
Jan Lakspere
Jan Lakspere
Icefire, Estonia

Jan Lakspere, (Board Member of Icefire, Pocopay IT Lead) can be considered as the embodiment of Icefire's spirit. Dashing in all of his doings and overflowing with energy, he never fails to bring lightness and positive attitude to the rest of the office. However, at the same time, Jan is also known for his stability, rational take on matters and ability to work out bulletproof solutions even for the most complicated issues.

BREXIT, fintech and PSD2
David Gyori will speak on the subject of Brexit, PSD2 and Fintech in a very entertaining way. Some is his key messages are: "Brexit - will there ever be a divorce", and for the Fintech area his presentation is about where to have the new Fintech area located - whereas the PSD2 discussion is focused on how to turn disadvantages into advantages.
David Gyori
David Gyori
Banking Reports

David Gyori is a globally renowned FinTech consultant, trainer, author and keynote speaker. He is CEO of Banking Reports Ltd London, providing top quality ‘FinTech Training for Bankers' all over the world.
David is frequent Keynote Speaker of top international banking and FinTech , and he holds a number of key international positions: He is Founding Member of the World FinTech Association as well as Member of the Panel of Judges of the European FinTech Awards.
David is co-author of ‘The FINTECH Book', published by Wiley and Sons in 2016, quickly becoming a global category best-seller.
David is Faculty Member of the Retail Banking Academy (London), one of the most prestigious banker-training facilities globally. He serves on the Advisory Board of multiple
FinTech companies.


Panel discussion - disruption trends

Reepay - a new service for Direct Debit transactions based on the Payment Card infrastructure
Learn how a company is able to manage customers, set up subscription plans for its business - and receive recurring payments.
Robert Mygind
Robert Mygind
Reepay A/S


The Next Generation of Payments
New eco systems in which the payments happen arise when technology changes the format of the means of payment that we know today.

The consumer's switch to the use of e.g. mobile phones as a mean of payment, is drastically going to change the battle field for the players within the psychical format to new players created from technology. Business models are thereby going to change from the ones that we know from the psychical world. 

GoAppified will talk about the infrastructure, which connects the psychical and digital world and how the payment experience will be part of the total user experience in the digital economy.
Søren Jensen
Søren Jensen

Centralizing KYC & AML on payments
1.500 Billion USD$* estimated money laundry worldwide every year. Only 0,2% is discover through AML initiative. Initiatives are limited to services based on technology invented in the 1970´s and governed by financial institutes acting as trusted parties.  What if we could utilize and embed trust into payments using Blockchain technology and outperform on security, lowering cost and creating a more stable technology for financial transactions?
Christian Visti Larsen
Christian Visti Larsen
International hovedtaler, ekspert i RegTech og AML-regulering og CEO

Christian er uddannet cand.mag. i Business Adm. og Revision fra Copenhagen Business School, og han har mere end 20 års erfaring inden for bankvæsen, finansiel lovgivning, FinTech og sektoren for betalingsløsninger.

Hans erfaring fra den stærkt regulerede finansielle sektor gør ham til en værdsat rådgiver for advokatfirmaer og andre virksomheder, der nu skal overholde persondataloven. Som administrerende direktør for en innovativ RegTech-virksomhed kan han også kaste lys over, hvordan nye teknologier kan lette byrden af KYC- og CDD-procedurer for at skabe værdi for virksomheder og deres kunder

Mobile Payments - domestic and regional solutions versus global players
This presentation will focus on a comparison of the major OEM Pay´s of this world, with a focus on new players in this business area - as well as the evolution from GAFA to FATBAG. His presentation will also challenge whether there is room for any domestic solutions in this area - and take you through the different OEM scenarios for payments.
Kristian T. Sørensen
Kristian T. Sørensen

Kristian's work within financial services has made him an acknowledged fintech thought leader and a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide.

Prior to joining Norfico, Kristian served four years in various strategic positions within Nets, where he lead the strategic development related to Nets' mobile services across the Nordic countries as well as advising Nordic banks about the strategic options for mobile payments.

Since 2010 Kristian has participated in Mobey Forum - the leading global association for mobile financial services, and has been an active contributor to the production of Mobey Forum's mobile wallet and HCE white papers. He was elected to the Board of Directors in 2012.

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Computerworld & CAC Card Academy
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23/11 2016
08:30 til 15:50
Weidekampsgade 6
2300 København S
2995 kr.
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