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Alexander Haslund
Alexander Haslund
Strategi- og ledelsesredaktør

Redaktør for Computerworld med fokus på strategi og ledelse.
Alexander sætter fokus på CIO-branchen og de udfordringer og muligheder it-beslutningstagerne står overfor. Dette betyder, at han har konstant fokus på at komme tæt på de professionelle it-beslutningstageres udfordringer og muligheder. Hans mål er at levere relevant indhold om strategi, ledelse og digitalisering, der er aktuelt, i øjenhøjde, direkte værdiskabede og handlingsorienteret.

Alexander er udannet journalist fra Roskilde Universitet med en tværfaglig profil indenfor it og digitalisering.

Han interesserer sig for den teknologiske udvikling, nye trends, strategi og ledelse, metoder, markedet og de udfordringer og muligheder it og digitalisering medfører for det private og offentlige samt for samfundet som helhed.

Why do more companies choose a DevOps setup and which value do they achieve ?
Come and hear Miracle’s experience regarding DevOps. We will present a DevOps framework divided into stages to use for implementing DevOps. The framework is based upon market research .

The presentation will consist of practical experience, cases, tools and dos & don’ts on your journey to use DevOps.
Martin Skøtt
Martin Skøtt
Senior It consultant

How to optimize for speed
A DevOps journey often starts when you stop optimizing for cost and instead optimizing for speed. NetApp puts focus in Your Data and Your Stack to enable you to develop and deploy your applications faster! In a Datadriven DevOps approach containers and Kubernetes environments as well as persistent storage are key components to gain that speed. This session is about tools that you can utilize to put automation in motion and utilize bleeding edge Kubernetes orchestration with full freedom of choice
We’ll touch on automation in CI/CD workflows like Jenkins, Ansible and Trident automation as well as the Netapp Kubernetes Service, NKS.

Come and have a chat with Sensa and NetApp on how to utilize and gain benefit from the Kubernetes services.
Sensa is a certified Kubernetes partner of NetApp and offers “White-label” services of the NetApp Kubernetes Services (NKS) environment.
Max Leissner
Max Leissner
Director Solutions Engineering,


Is DevOps fractual?
Most of us are very busy, despite the efficiency of the our processes, modern tools/gadgets and time management discipline. It is a paradox, that being well aware of what is most important and the commitment to achieve our targets we end up with tight deadlines, that are often missed. Delayed time to market and a constant catch up struggle to our competition. And we get trapped in the busy cycle even after well-deserved vacations, worst case is when a colleague succumbs to sudden stress breakdown.

Could DevOps adaptation, be the answer to addressing the causes of the busy-ness trap paradox, such as planning fallacies? How can we insure high leverage, that would ensure sustainable deliveries, scalable production and pre-empt stress factors.

With reference to the Sennheiser communications DevOps journey, I will examine the Fractal nature of DevOps as a paradigm shift that when well adopted will ensure long term focus by capacity optimization. The adaptation journey usually follows a sigmoid growth curve and it is important to have an awareness of the stage of growth and how to adapt. It is never too late to adopt DevOps. I will address why DevSecOps, DevTestOps, DevXops, DevAutoOps, etc are all DevOps Fractals. DevOps should boost process effectiveness over efficiency.
Peter Ntende
Peter Ntende
DevOps Architect

Panel discussion
Peter Ntende, Sennheiser Communication
Martin Skøtt, Miracle
Max Leissner, NetApp/Arrow

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  • Høre om, hvordan DevOps fungerer - og hvad gevinsterne er
  • Høre hvordan du undgår de mest udbredte faldgruber
  • Få gode råd og teknikker med hjem, så du hurtigt kan forbedre dine processer
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